I have heard of crazy pseudo-science weight loss plans and extreme fad fetishes. Hell, I have even fallen prey to some of them!

But, when some regimens require you to swallow a tape worm, it becomes more than just bizarre - it becomes scary.

The actual danger behind ridiculous dieting is that it is fast becoming a trend amongst women who are desperate to lose weight, and are disregarding their health in order to be slender.

Adverts aren’t helping to break this vicious cycle either. When a billboard promises you dramatic weight loss in a matter of days, and it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it probably is.

Here are some diets that will either make you shake your head in disbelief, or make you shudder in disgust:

The Tapeworm Diet

Basically, you are expected to swallow a parasitic tapeworm which you find in infected animal faeces or under decomposing uncooked meat. Then, once the worm has successfully embedded itself in your body, wait for it to begin breaking down your digestive system until you have no appetite. But remember to seek medical attention as your health deteriorates and be warned: you may die a painful death.

Hey, at least you'll die skinny right?

The Russian Air Force Diet

This diet asks you to survive on near starvation levels of food. Although, you will be allowed to put salt, pepper, vinegar, herbs and sauce on all your meals, it won’t really help as portions are ridiculously small. Breakfast is only coffee. Lunch consists of two small eggs and a single tomato while dinner allows you to “feast” on a small piece of meat and a tiny salad. Yum.

The Writing Diet

According to Julia Cameron’s book, The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Sized, all writers should be a size six. Mmm...Perhaps I am not writing myself thin enough.

Anyway, the point of this diet is to write daily and tap into your emotions. Apparently, people don’t overeat out of hunger, but, because of feelings. So, put your emotions on paper girls, and not in your mouth! On second thought, put the paper in your mouth, it will most likely be your only chance of survival.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

There’s nothing like throwing back a few shots of vinegar after a full day of work on an empty stomach. The premise of this torture diet is to take a few teaspoons of vinegar fifteen minutes before a meal. Theoretically, it’s supposed to decrease hunger and curb your urge to nibble.


Actually, this one sounds like fun if you want to die of liver failure. All you have to do is starve yourself the entire day then consume lots of alcohol. Sounds simple right?

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