1.    Take it easy!
We get it: You’re in a hurry to lose the extra rolls that snuck up around your waist over winter.  But remember that the biggest mistake you – or any dieter – can make is placing their weight loss bar too high.

Health24 recommends a weight loss of no more than 0.5 kgs per week. Anything greater and you’re setting yourself up for failure.

2.    Find your true motivation
And it shouldn’t be to please your partner or anyone else. Losing weight should be about yourself – for your OWN wellbeing, for your OWN physical condition and for your OWN peace of mind.

The health benefits of slimming down and maintaining an ideal weight are plentiful and that should be enough to get you going.

3.    Be prepared
And no, we’re not only talking about your readiness to substitute your usual side order of fries for veggies…

Before embarking on any weight loss endeavor, make sure you’re mentally prepared for both the highs (like dropping a dress size), as well as the lows (like reaching a plateau) that are likely to hit you when you least expect it.

4.    Recognise your weaknesses
Establish the reasons why you’ve put on weight:

•    Are you eating too much of the wrong foods?
•    Are you eating too little of the right foods?
•    Are you a yo-yo dieter?
•    Are you a comfort eater?
•    Are you lacking exercise?

Identifying and understanding your mistakes is the key to helping you find a solution and a way forward.

5.    Find your own rhythm
With so many eating plans and training programmes to choose from, it’s hard to try them all or to say which one is best. Instead, determine your individual dietary needs and fitness requirements by speaking to an expert.

Got kids, a hectic career? Remember that at the end of the day, balance is essential – opt for a diet and exercise regimen that fits in with your lifestyle!  

Can you add to this list of weight loss essentials? What works for you or what does not? Share your thoughts, ideas and insights in the box below.