But you’ll get into a lot of trouble if you show up naked to the establishment – it’s the fruit and vegetables that's supposed to be in the 'nude'.

Nude Foods opens in November in Cape Town’s city centre. It’s a plastic free grocery shop – the first in the Mother City and their products contain no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).

It is “healthy and affordable wholefoods and earth-friendly body and home products - all sold by weight,” reads their Facebook page.

A promotional video on the page claims that only 17% of all plastic are actually recycled. This will be Cape Town’s first plastic free shop where you can take your own bags or boxes to pack your groceries in and then weigh and pay for it.

The shop offers containers of different sizes which you can use to cart your groceries if you didn’t bring your own bag, these containers can also be recycled.

The shop is definitely going to put a smile on the faces if Western Cape government officials who are currently working to stop the spread of plastic bags which can’t be 100% recycled.

The motion, who is being spearheaded by DA member James Vos, states that just 1% of the 350 million plastic bags in the Western Cape are actually recycled every year.

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