We all struggle with self-image issues and the truth is that for many of us, finding ways – and reasons – to love our bodies can be hard and downright challenging.

But, while appreciating your body may not be the easiest deed in the world, it does make life a little less complicated and a bit more meaningful.

Here’s some practical advice to help reclaim your confidence and improve your sense of self worth:

1. Flatter your body

When you shop for new clothing, forget fashion trends and what you saw Kate Moss wearing in the latest Cosmopolitan. Instead, find garments that compliment the shape and size you have, rather than the shape and size you want.

Why it works: Wearing clothes that matches your body type will not only make you look good, but if you’re comfortable in them, you’ll feel good too! Can anyone say instant pick-me-up?!

2. Give some credit

So, you hate that you have stretch marks and that your belly muffin rolls over your jeans. But, what about the features that you like about yourself? Are you blessed with a characteristic that sets you apart from everyone else? It could be a sensual mole, great legs, pretty hands… surely there is something?

Why it works: Recognising and appreciating our admirable features/qualities is a major self-esteem booster. Being proud of your body is not vain or arrogant – it’s wonderful!

3. TLC
Make an effort to prioritise your health and wellbeing by:
•    Fuelling your body with hearty and nutritious food;
•    Caring and pampering your skin;
•    Taking time and finding ways to recharge your batteries and de-stress.

Why it works:
Pampering your mind and body works a treat on your soul. When your body is relaxed and indulged, your brain is triggered to release ‘happy’ hormones which boost your confidence and self-esteem.

4. Reality check
Surround yourself with positivity and ditch the superficial. Let your world reflect who you are and who you see yourself becoming. If this means that it’s time to get rid of phony friends, then do it. Magazines promoting unrealistic ideals? Chuck ‘em!

Why it works: Feeding your soul with informative and inspiring messages that promote personal growth will encourage you to change the way you see your body. After all, the reality is that women come in ALL shapes and sizes…and our diversity is what makes us beautiful, right?!

How do you feel about confidence, self-esteem and body image?  Got any more encouraging tips to add to this list? Share your thoughts, opinions and suggestions with us in the box below.