Responding to an article that asked you whether or not ‘alone time’ is acceptable or not, surprisingly many of you don’t see anything wrong with it. In fact, many of you seem to cherish and embrace the idea wholeheartedly. We took to Facebook to find out just how many of you like the idea of going out on your own.

Here’s what you had to say.

Nolundi: I love it! I even go on holiday by myself, it is absolutely amazing!

Natasja: I don't mind going on my own!

Aasiyah: I love going out by myself, I am very comfortable in my own company, but, then again, there are times when I go out on my own and feel a bit lonely.

Melinda: I like going by myself it’s so relaxing to be away from home and from work and yes I do take a book or my laptop with me just in case.

I love shopping on my own. When I'm with someone I sometimes feel like I'm dragging the other person along or lagging behind. While shopping I usually end up grabbing coffee or a snack alone. It's lovely every now and then.

Norma: I can't go for a meal at an eatery alone. I always feel like I look sad and alone. Besides, I enjoy eating in a company. Unless (of course) I am surrounded by shopping bags. Once I tried it and I spent the entire time chatting on social media with friends to feel more comfortable.

Lyndall: I don't do it but mostly because I don't have time. If I had a few hours free, I'd love to take myself for a coffee and piece of cake.

Leslie: I enjoy my own company; it's good to have time alone and to be able to reflect on the things I love.

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