A few weeks ago you wrote a newsletter about how women can be bitchy.

Too right! We can be horrible witches, but we can also be awesome. 

I had started to write a reply to your newsletter at the time, but deleted it when I realised that my email was going pear-shaped and was in fact agreeing that women can be your worst nightmare when we want to be.

At the moment I am busy divorcing my husband. I hate it.

It feels like the last decade of my life has been wasted. At times I feel like hiding in a dark corner and bawling my eyes out.

Other times I want to kill the bastard for not loving me anymore.

All the same, days like my wedding day will remain one of the happiest days of my life.

It's an amicable divorce, but it still breaks my heart.

I have awesome friends. They support me.

They check that I'm eating and at least trying to sleep. They send supportive messages and they make me cry from feeling so loved by them.

They let me come over at a moment's notice and vent about the soon-to-be ex, then they visit me and let me vent some more. 

Those who are near give me hugs, and those who are far send hugs. And the fact that one or two of them have also gone through the divorce-mill means that they understand what I am going through.

There are even two friends who are also getting divorced from their husbands right now. Though we are in three different provinces, we support each other.

Even though a divorce is not something I would wish on anyone, it is amazing to experience so much love radiating from my female friends.

They keep me sane. They keep me busy.  They are there whenever I need them.  I have never felt so loved before.

Thank you my friends, you are awesome and I love you.

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