Addressing a sensitive issue such as rape is a difficult and daunting task as many women are unaware of the steps they need to take after being violated.

In the spirit of the 16 days of Activism, here are the four series of events that need to be followed to ensure the safety of the rape victim.

Step one: What to do after you are raped

It is never your fault. Nobody deserves to be raped. Nothing you have done means that you caused the rape.

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Step two: Getting medical attention

It’s important to visit a heath facility after reporting a rape.

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Step three: Talking to the police

You have the option of reporting a rape, or reporting a rape and laying a charge.

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Step four: Taking care of yourself

After a rape you can experience a range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms. That’s why it is essential to go through the recovery process with support.

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