In September of last year rumours regarding Kylie Jenner’s alleged pregnancy did a million rounds.

I even age shamed her for being pregnant at 20 years old and upon making this realisation I wrote this article on it. 

Now that she’s given birth (watch the video here), I want to address a similar issue. Age shaming couples. 

Scott Disick, 34, (Kourtney Kardashian’s ex and father of her three children) and Sofia Richie, 19, (sister of Nicole Richie and daughter of Lionel Rickie) haven't been getting much love ever since they got together last year.

And recently The Cut reported that Kendall Jenner left a poignant burn on an Instagram fan account which posted a paparazzi photo of Scott introducing Sofia to his daughter, 5-year-old Penelope.

“[A]www scott and his kids,” Jenner commented. 

Its good to see them together?? #scottdisick #sofiarichie #reigndisick

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The difference in age between Sofia and his daughter is smaller than that between him and Sofia. And people take issue with that. 

Just read some of the comments on this Insta post, they include: "Your a little girl [sic]", "EW disgusting", "Sugar daddy? She’s 19 and he’s 34" and "Scott’s a nympho, pure and simple".

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Much like Mary-Kate Olsen, 31 and her husband Olivier Sarkozy, 48, couples with big age differences often receive less than favourable opinion from the public and from their families.

People call it odd, inappropriate and predominantly tend to disapprove more when the woman is the younger party. 

There is the popular notion that younger women who date much older men are in it for the money. But Mary-Kate and Sofia don't need no blesser.

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So we question the integrity of the man, calling him a predator. This simutaneously undervalues the agency of the young woman as she is perceived as an innocent, preyed upon and if not a victim of this 'inappropriate relationship' a submissive dependant.

(Of course I am only referring to relationships where both parties are over the age of consent). 

On the other side of this rusty coin, we as women often celebrate older women dating younger men as a sort of badge of honour. Being ‘able’ to land a young, hot man is seen as a sort of clapback to the patriarchy. Not always though.

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But this is a double standard that needs to fall. 

Consider this image from Black Dragon Blog:

The blog writes: “This age difference thing is the most insane, hypocritical position women hold. It’s okay for them to sleep with much younger people. That’s empowering and fun. But if men sleep with much younger people it’s insulting and sick.”

Assuming all men who date younger women are pigs, paedophiles or in the throes of a midlife crisis is the way we’ve been programmed societally. And we as men and women keep perpetuating this inclination when we say things like #MenAreTrash. 

I would rather suggest we use it on a case to case basis, #ThisManIsTrash. 

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