10 people who learnt the hard way that what you say on social media networks really matter.

1. Nicole Crowther

This Glee extra decided it would be a great time to showcase her fifteen minutes of fame by tweeting a major spoiler for the musical series' Prom King and Queen episode.

The producer hit back and it's safe to say her fifteen minutes of fame were decidedly short-lived.

2. Penny Sparrow

Who could forget the estate agent who caused an uproar after her post on Facebook, in which she denigrated black people, went viral.

According to City Press, the long-since deleted post resulted in her being taken to court where she was found guilty of crimen injuria and subsequently fined R150 000.

3. Defamation is not a cute look

You don’t have to go viral in order for you to get fired. You apparently just need to be friends with your co-workers and post inflammatory remarks about your boss.  

In a case reported by The Mail & Guardian back in 2009, an administrative clerk at a clothing factory was fired after he was reported by a co-worker for a Facebook post in which he called his boss a “serial masturbator.”

Bad-mouthing your boss is never a good look but slandering your boss based on your opinion is even worse. 

4. Caitlin Davis

A New England Patriots cheerleader got booted off the squad after a rather distasteful photograph taken at a Halloween party at Boston College surfaced. The picture featured 18 year-old Catlin holding a Sharpie marker, sitting next to an unconscious party-goer, covered in crude graffiti which included two swastikas!

Needless to say the Patriots were not so cheery about that.

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5. Carly McKinney

Let's rather call her Crunkbear, a first-year math teacher at Overland High School in Aurora was suspended after her very controversial Twitter account was discovered. The 24 year old's social media bio read as follows "BearCrunker than most. Stay sexy. Stay high. Stay drunk. Stay free. Stay trippy." 

It also features a series of racy tweets and pictures of the teacher semi-naked. Carly claimed the account was meant to be a parody of her life.

However, the board made it clear that staff should not post anything on the internet that they wouldn't want pinned on their classroom blackboard. Carly has since been fired.

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6. Chadwin Reynolds 

According to school investigators, school teacher Chadwin allegedly “friended” six female students on Facebook and thought it would be appropriate to comment "This is sexy" on several of their photos.

On one occasion he found a student’s number and sent romantic gestures her way.

The 37 year-old made it clear to his fellow friends that: "I'm not a gynaecologist, but I'll take a look inside." Mr Reynolds was dismissed and the Department of Education confirmed that he had been cut loose because of this social-networking scandal.

7. Justine Sacco

No one will ever be able to forget the former Public Relations director’s offensive tweet that spawned the hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet.

The tweet, News24 reports read as follows: “Going to Africa, hope I don’t get Aids. Just kidding. I’m white!”

Needless to say the welcome she received when she arrived in South Africa following that tweet was decidedly frosty and she was subsequently fired from her position for not only making a racist joke but for making light of the Aids plight in Africa.

It just goes to show that not even those who work in PR are immune to social media fails.

8. Nonhle Thema

The great Twitter meltdown of 2012 which read like a misguided teen’s notepad. Nonhle had a lot to say to her alleged “haters” and those tweets landed her in trouble with her employer, SoftSheen-Carson. The TV personality conveniently forgot that once you're the face of something, Dark&Lovely in her case, there are certain standards to be upheld.

9. Mike Bacsik

A Dallas sports radio producer/personality tweeted a rather insensitive racial remark; "Congrats to all the dirty Mexicans in San Antonio." Mike who is a former major league pitcher was suspended at first and then fired after the tweet went viral on national TV.

Note: Racist comments are never funny. Ever!

10. Vicki Momberg

Yet another estate agent who found herself in hot water and the subject of viral scrutiny, although not by her own hand. According to News24.com, Vicki Momberg was found guilty of four counts of crimen injuria following a racist tirade that was caught on camera.

The incident took place after a smash and grab robbery, when police came to her assistance and Constable David Mkhondo, a black police officer found himself at the end of her vicious verbal tirade.  

It’s also worth noting that News24 goes on to add that this instance wasn’t the first time she was charged for being racist. Big surprise there.

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