After travelling far distances, going to bed late and waking up even later, adjusting to life back at your 9-5 job can be an uncomfortable change of pace.

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Here’s some tips on how to settle back in with ease:

Plan your day and week

Use the first few minutes back at the office to get organised.

Check your emails and calendar to remind you of project deadlines, upcoming meetings and other issues.

Make a to-do list with all the tasks that need to be accomplished and prioritise them. And feel free to place catching up with co-workers high on that list.

Ease your way in

Obviously don’t drown yourself in work these first few days. Your first day back is just more of a formality really (this, of course, depends on the type of job and boss you have).

Tackle the most urgent issues first and schedule the rest for later in the week. If you ask us, even making it to work (on time) is achievement enough.

Forget that New Year’s resolution to bring packed lunches

Preparing lunches for the whole week can totally wait until next week. Today you need things to look forward to.

Get that huge slice of pizza you’ve been craving since 1 January 2017 (when you swore off carbs). You deserve it.

Keep that holiday vibe alive in January

Having something exciting to look forward to can be motivating and help lessen the back-to-work-blues.

You could at least get the next vacation dates set up and plan for your next one.

If a break seems too far away, dedicate parts of the day to planning a whole host of fun events to do over January. Like gin and tonics on Mondays or popping off to the beach just after work. 

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Once you’ve survived the first day, it’s all downhill from there. Let’s hope. Good luck and welcome to adulting in 2017!