App developer

According to, nearly half the world’s adult population have smart phones after iPhone and Android’s arrival back in 2007 and 2008 respectively. This of course means there is a huge demand for apps to do anything and everything from monitoring your diet to budgeting your money.

According to this graph on Statista, as of Junes 2016 Google play has the most amount of apps with 2,2 million while the Apple app store follows with 2 million.

Social media manager

Social media has become an essential tool in how many brands engage with their consumers, but back in 2006 Facebook was still pretty new to a lot of people, Twitter had only just launched and Instagram wasn’t even heard of yet.

According to this graph, Facebook is the leading social network with 1,8 billion users followed by Whatsapp with 1 billion. With social networks being so big and the source of many people’s news, it’s no wonder that social media managers are now in demand.

Uber driver

The app was only founded in 2009, but is already the world’s most valuable startup with it’s worth now being $69 billion (R901 billion). Simply open the app, insert your location and destination, and a driver will come and pick you up.

Pretty simple, yet rather lucrative.


A decade ago would you have thought that you’d be able to make money through your YouTube channel? Well, now it’s possible. Vlogging can now be made into a successful career with YouTubers receiving lots of money through advertising, social media, books and sponsorship deals.

And with us spending a billion hours a day on the video sharing site, according to Forbes, it’s no wonder that it has become such a profitable career path.

SEO specialist

After the world’s first website was created back in 1991, websites started popping up all over the place and eventually search engines were created to make things easier to find.

So we could say SEO really started in the ‘90s, but it wasn’t an actual job title until about 2010 when tools like Google Analytics made optimisation a lot more targeted and focused.

The role of SEO specialists is varied, but it’s mostly about solving problems and making decisions that will help companies prioritise and develop relevant and engaging content that will bring more clicks to the company’s website.