I'm one of those people who works without a break and waits until I'm scraping my emotional barrel before I even think of taking any time off.  Even then, I can't shake off the sense of guilt if I choose to spend a day lazing in bed with a good book instead of chained to my computer. It seems to be quite a common habit amongst the female workforce too, so clearly I'm not the only one.

According to a recent study, women are more likely to compromise their work-life balance and happiness in a bid to get everything all done.  The end result?

"Overworked, frazzled, disorganised, pressure on top of pressure on top of pressure – all leading to a sense of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. It's not a pretty picture but it's the unfortunate reality for far too many American workers – particularly women," says psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle.

In fact, women are 33% unhappier than men in the office.

So what are the guys doing right?

It's as easy as just taking a break during the day. Male workers are 25% more likely to step out of the office for personal activities, including lunch, exercise and even sex.

What should you do to keep your spirit level on the upswing when you're at work?

·    Take vacations. Notice the plural there. Instead of waiting for one large break and being depressed the entire year, opt for short weekend getaways or just take days off for personal time.

·    Create a weekly to do list. This will help you keep track of things and stop you from feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to accomplish.

·    Leave work at a reasonable hour. All that extra time spent in front of your computer, is just sucking your energy. Not only are you less productive, but it's can quickly turn into an unhealthy habit. Rather clock out at a sensible time and make plans to meet up with friends or spend time with your family.

·    Take your lunch break. So you've been meaning to go to gym but never seem to find the time? Or you keep forgetting to run an important errand? Step away from the desk and go do something outside the office.
You'll be refreshed when you return and in a better mental space to cope with the afternoon's workload.

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