Isn’t it just a great feeling to know that you will receive a 13th cheque as your bonus for all your hard work throughout the year?  Isn’t it an even greater feeling to know now you can finally go and buy all those little things you’ve wanted to purchase and take home all year?

But wait, this bonus is your reward for your professional skills which have added value to your employer. Would it then not make great sense for you to invest this bonus right back into career?  There’s a cliché, what you put in, is what you get out.  So the more you invest into your career, means the more you will get out, right? 

The annual Women’s Leadership Conference is an opportunity for you to invest in yourself and in your career.  For the sixth year running, Johannesburg based QualityLife Company will be presenting the “We are the Leaders we have been waiting for” Conference, which will offer women of South Africa the opportunity to celebrate their strength and creativity and shine a light on how they can embrace and optimise their leadership potential.

This Women’s Leadership Conference will take place on March 10 and 11 at The Sunnyside Park Hotel in Johannesburg and on March 18 in Cape Town at The Peninsula Hotel.

“The real challenge for women's leadership is to ask the right questions" says Debby Edelstein co-founder of QualityLife Company, a facilitator, writer and international speaker on women's leadership who conceptualised and chairs the Conference.

“By creating a space where women learn from each other, not just the experts behind the podium, we have succeeded in creating an environment which is unique on the SA Conference calendar” she says.

This conference highlights the qualities women already possess in their personal and professional life and shows them how to fast-track their path from good manager to great leader.

Over the years, this event has acquired a reputation for being arguably the most dynamic conversation of women leaders in the country will focus on how women leaders and feminine values can transform organizations.
If you aspire to be an achiever and leader in your business or community, then join us at the 6th annual Women’s Leadership Conference - a platform to celebrate the pioneers who are challenging the way we live and work in order to create a better quality of life for us all. 

Conference Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm daily
Cost to attend in Cape Town: R3150 ex vat (one-day event)
Cost to attend in Johannesburg: R6300 ex vat (two-day event)

Visit for more information.

Debby Edelstein, organiser of the 6th annual Women’s Leadership Conference shares three simple ways to get the most out of a conference:
You know you've been to a really valuable conference if you come back full of ideas and energy. You also want to end off with lots of business cards and as many good reasons to keep contact and continue conversations. It's an opportunity to grow your network, to learn, to participate and to get a new perspective. But it's also an expensive investment both in terms of time and money. Here's how to make sure that you and your organisation reap the rewards of your investment.

1.Simple but important - don’t forget to take lots of business cards!

2. As hard as we conference organisers work at selecting great presenters and facilitators, what makes a conference truly great are the people you meet over coffee. So make sure that you don't only associate with the group you came with, however much easier it might be. Moving around in a pack just doesn't work. If you go to an event where you know no-one, make sure that you don't latch on to a friendly person and become a hanger-on. It will only irritate them and inhibit their mingling. By all means keep the conversation going, but keep moving.

3. Be generous with your information
Even if you can't take friends or colleagues with you, touch base with them before you leave. Circulate a copy of the conference agenda before you go. Someone who can't attend the conference might want a copy of your notes from a session. Someone else might want you to track down a speaker and ask a few questions. It can be a useful entree to meeting people yourself too if you're contacting them on behalf of someone else.