The 6th annual Women's Leadership Conference, entitled "We are the leaders we've been waiting for", described by many as the most dynamic conversation of women leaders in the country will take place in Johannesburg and Cape Town this month.

For the 6th year running, the event will offer women of South Africa the opportunity to celebrate their strength and creativity and allow them to identify and optimise their leadership potential.

"We are the leaders we've been waiting for" which is scheduled for 10 & 11 March at the Sunnyside Hotel in Johannesburg and 18 March at the Peninsula Hotel in Cape Town, boasts  some of our country's most influential female role models and change agents who will feature as the speakers and panelists.  Some of which include top businesswomen, authors, medical doctors, the award-winning photographer, Jodi Bieber, and many other women who have made it to the top of the success ladder in their fields. 

Looking at women advancing through digital channels, to how women's stories change lives, the panellists will explore significant barriers to female leadership and mentoring, and whether women support each other's rise to leadership positions – or pull each other down.

"The real challenge for women's leadership is to ask the right questions" says Debby Edelstein co-founder of QualityLife Company, a facilitator, writer and international speaker on women's leadership who conceptualised and chairs the conference.   "By creating a space where women learn from each other, not just the experts behind the podium, we have succeeded in creating an environment which is unique on the SA Conference calendar" she says.

This conference highlights the qualities women already possess in their personal and professional life and shows them how to fast-track their path from good manager to great leader.  "We are the leaders we've been waiting for" 2011 is brought to South African women by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), as a visible commitment to developing our female employees, says Jeanett Modise, divisional executive: Human Capital and Support Services.

Topics for the Conference include: 
"Wired women" – wonderful ways to use collaborative innovation in the Digital Economy,
"Be the change you want to see" - personal stories from women who expand our understanding of the term leadership
"Moving beyond mean girls and the "PHD factor" - how to create a better way for girls and women to work together"
The bullying of girls on girls has acquired worldwide media attention. Is there really a PHD (Pull Her Down) factor? , and
"The power of women's stories" (and why you should tell your own).

Join Debby Edelstein as she chairs these speakers and other panellists – including authors, bloggers, business owners, poets and even a reformed drug addict – as they discuss how women's stories told out loud changes lives and challenges the numerous assumptions and myths about female leadership.

If you aspire to be an achiever and leader in your business or community, join us at the 6th Annual Women's Leadership Conference: "We are the Leaders We've Been Waiting For".

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