According to the BBC, an agency in the UK called Today Translations is looking for someone who can translate diaries into emojis for one of her clients.

Apparently software can only take the translations so far and they need an actual human to do the job, so they posted an ad online.

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They’ve got 30 applications so far (not including mine though), and they’re hoping to appoint somebody on a freelance basis in the beginning of 2017 and it has the potential to become a full-time post. Plus, you apparently get paid per word/emoji!

Full-time, fam. To translate words into emojis. Finally the job market is seriously recognising the millennial market.

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But the job isn’t as straight forward as it seems, however. In different countries some emojis can have completely different meanings. So it'll be tricky.

This is almost as good as the job that’s offering £20,000 (over R 348 000) to travel around Europe and drink gin. That position hasn’t been filled yet, so you still have a chance, but apparently over 4000 people have applied, so you know, you have some competition.

So, if you think you stand a chance and can translate more than just the eggplant and peach emojis, then polish up that CV and get applying.

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