Let’s admit it, seeing others get ahead while your career remains stagnant is not a great feeling.

Experts say this could be happening because you’re not marketing yourself enough to get a promotion.

You won’t progress until you’re seen as worth advancing. So, how do you show you’re ready? Lara Haskins, owner of 360HR, a recruitment company shares her top five tips:

1. What do you do best?

Ensure your colleagues and managers know your skills and talents.

2. Capitalise on compliments

Help others; fill in when someone is on leave. Offer to share the workload.

3. Share the credit

Praise and highlight their achievements, success and contributions, no matter how small. They may reciprocate with positive feedback about your successes.

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4. Become an industry expert

Update your skills with additional training. Build your brand on social media (LinkedIn and Twitter – even Facebook) and post relevant articles. Become the “go-to-guy” or “go-to-girl” in your department.

5. Seize opportunities to self-promote

Share about recent projects or achievements. Use opportunities as they come up to share meaningful accomplishments like targets reached or client successes.