Twenty-nine-year-old Akhona Ndindwa first discovered her love for makeup after seeing the incredible transformations and special effects that were made possible because of it.

She then decided to get her artistry diploma which she completed back in 2008 when she was just 18 years old.

A few years after completing her diploma, she was scouted by a big makeup academy to be a makeup teacher. This is when she says she knew she was made to teach the art of makeup.

Soon thereafter, PMC, Akhona's very own makeup academy was born.

What makes it different from other academies however, is that Akhona invites ex-convicts and drug addicts from streets of SA's poorest communities and offers them free makeup classes.

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When asked how she raises the money for makeup and the equipment needed to apply it, Akhona says she takes it from her own pocket. She makes money as a professional makeup artist and has worked for a variety of television stars.

In fact, as we speak she is working at a big Easter event. She does however have times when she struggles to get everything she needs.

"When things get tough I push myself to remain focused on my end goal, which is to help and make a difference. I try and remember to take every thing as it comes and just have faith." she says.

Akhona says she initially began this program because she would like to see a change in the world, and what better way then to live by the famous quote, "Be the change you want to see", which Akhona says she lives by.

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Akhona seems to be the giver who keeps on giving as this is not her only charitable act. She also organises talent contests for people in prison. 

"Every six weeks we do talent contests for prisoners around the country. It gives them a chance to showcase their talent and have a little fun. We also give them prizes and certificates for their participation"

Responding to the question why she does what she does, Akhona speaks fondly of a young mother of two who had been suffering from depression, had no place to live or food to eat, but after joining PMC's makeup class is now vibrant and even has plans of opening her own spa.

"Seeing improvements in their confidence and self-esteem is so rewarding for me. Helping them learn certain skills and seeing that they can achieve anything that they put their minds to brings me great joy" says Akhona.

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While things are currently going well at the academy, Akhona says help is always welcome. If you'd like to contribute makeup, tools or anything that beauty-related, you can contact her on her email which is

Alternatively, you can call her on 071 829 3031.

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