Earlier this year Netflix released a documentary about the lives of the women of the Mercury 13 according to The Verge. 

Thirteen women who were known as the Mercury 13 wanted to become astronauts. In the 1960's U.S. astronauts were all men and the Mercury 13 wanted to change that. These women were former Air Force pilots.

In 1960 a NASA doctor who was developing stress tests for astronauts wanted to see if women could handle the same rigorous tests that were set for men. The tests comprised of both mental and physical test. 

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They found that all 13 women performed better in every category compared to men. However, the program was shut down because the military "saw no point in funding it, since NASA wasn't going to let women in space". 

Despite the Mercury 13 proving capable of going to space, they never made it. They did however, open the door for other women to become astronauts. 

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