For many women sexual harassment is an everyday occurrence. It happens in the street, on public transport and even at work.

While sexual harassment has become a less taboo topic and there’s a better dialogue about it than there was 10 years ago, we’ve still got a long way to go.

Actor David Schwimmer and his friend, director Sigal Avin, are trying to keep that important conversation open with a new series of PSAs starring a few celebs you’ve probably seen on a few of your favourite TV shows.

According to UpWorthy, Avin originally produced a series of PSAs on sexual harassment in Israel, but after she showed them to Schwimmer and got his feedback, they decided to do a similar thing in the US.

Together they produced a six-part series starring the likes of Cynthis Nixon, Grace Gummer, David Schwimmer and Bobby Cannavale.

Watch the PSAs below. They’ll play consecutively.

In South Africa, there’s very little information readily available about sexual harassment in the workplace and how it’s handled. There are quite a few articles telling you how to handle sexual harassment, but trying to find statistics is like looking for shadows in the dark – they’re simply not there.

This 2014 article from Herald Live says that most sexual harassment cases don’t get reported for fear of being fired or the harasser exacting revenge. Not only that, but in many instances, people often tend to shame the victim for speaking out. Like this teen in the US whose co-workers threw a party to shame her after she reported her manager for sexual harassment. The manager was eventually fired, but not until the situation escalated.

And if that’s not bad enough, male victims are especially reluctant to report any harassment for fear of the stigma of being seen as weak or 'unmanly'.

If you’re dealing with sexual harassment, or know someone who is, then follow the advice in this article or this one and report unwanted advances from co-workers or employers.