A medical aid is one thing many people cannot live without. There's no doubt that it can come handy but is all the financial stress and admin worth it in the end if you aren't satisfied with the services?

We asked our readers what they think about their medical aid schemes and if they are happy. This is what some of them had to say:

Kathy:  I pay R1450 for myself for a Bonitas Primary cover I think we are terribly ripped off by our Government but nothing ever changes in this country.

Nadine: Happy with our medical aid and they have been pretty good so far but wish they would have a program for women who were and are at risk of cervical cancer instead of only allowing a pap every 3 years. A gynecologist has to motivate each time a pap is needed yearly.

Roxane: Where do I start! Our medical aid is R2800 a month that's for myself my husband and our child. They never pay any medication at the pharmacy that's prescribed by a doctor. They are so difficult when it comes to having dental work done pay almost nothing out for dentistry.

It's calling them waiting on the line to get a consultant then having to argue with them as your paying all this money and get bugger All for what you pay, its exhausting. each year the premiums go up they don't hesitate on that and make sure its debited like clockwork.

What's worse is we hardly use our medical aid as we hardly get sick but when we do its all these strict infringements in place.

We will be asking our broker to look around and source us a medical aid that suites our needs. Although there are many down falls to medical aids in this country I think of people can afford to have one they should because the alternative is much worse.

Nadia: I'm on the higher plan at Hosmed and I'm quite pleased with them. It's a traditional med aid. No self payment gaps or savings plans.

Cindi: I switched to a medical insurance called One-man. Love how modern and inexpensive it is.

Lehandra: Today I got very angry with my medical aid. When I was 22 (few years ago) I applied for braces. They said the only reason it wasn't approved was because we were on the lower plan.

We then upgraded this year (can only change this beginning of a new year) after they screwed us around the year before. Now they disapproved it on the higher plan because I am older than 21. Could they not have told me this from day one?! Now I upgraded the plan for nothing!

Rochelle:  I wasn't on a medical till after my 40ths have to pay a levies beside the monthly because of it.

Then we went from that medical to another same thing so the fact that I've been on a medical and just change from 1 to the one we now use didn't change that estra levies. To me it makes no sense y that penalty stay on the 2nd medical as well.

Juanita:  I'm dreadfully unhappy. Medical aids in South Africa does not support people who are different at all. In the US they are slowly starting to help people like me.