We have our own business and we make our own decisions. We can make our own money but we don't get rich. What are we doing to sabotage ourselves financially?

Why do men get rich and women don't? Lois P. Frankel spoke to women all over the world to find out and published the results in a fascinating book called Nice Girls Don't Get Rich – a must read for any woman who wants to create wealth.

She concludes that women grow up with a different set of social messages to men. Girls are effectively taught to "be nice" whilst boys are encouraged to "get rich". In the book Frankel lists the following attitudinal differences between men and women towards money:


  • Invest
  • Are socialised to learn about how to invest and make money grow
  • Use money to "keep score"
  • Buy what they need
  • Use money to prepare for the future
  • Take investment risks
  • Spend money on themselves
  • Ask for what they want
  • View money objectively
  • Learn how to be effective investors
  • Gravitate toward high-paying jobs
  • Advocate for themselves during trying financial times


  • Save
  • Are socialised to save money "just in case" they have to take care of themselves
  • Use money to take care of others
  • Buy what they want
  • Use money to create a lifestyle in the present
  • Are cautious about investing
  • Spend money on those they care about
  • Ask for what they think they deserve
  • View money in terms of relationships
  • Expect others to know more than they do
  • Gravitate toward the helping professions
  • Want to be fair during trying financial times

    We don't want to start behaving like men – but we do want to pick up on clues as to how we can get in charge of our finances to stop surviving and start creating wealth.

    Here are some pointers:
    1. Create a mindset of wealth accumulation rather than financial survival
    2. Set a financial goal – an actual amount that will become your net worth.
    3. Find a money partner "financial planner" – someone who will help you reach your goals and not just sell you an insurance policy.
    4. Make sure you have a budget and stick to it – the richest people in the world got that way because they earn more than they spend.

    Do you agree that men are better than women at making (and keeping) money?