‘Tis the season to spend on great deals, and the perfect time to do this will be on 23 November this year. 

According to Bizcommunity.com, 87% of South Africans know about Black Friday, but only 66% are set to participate and spend an estimated average of R1 654 on the day’s sales

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If consumerism were a sport, Black Friday would be the Olympics, and so you definitely need to gear up and prepare yourself for it.

What you need to know

It's going to be lit, and we mean it! Because everyone is rushing and dashing to get the best of everything, there will be a perilous dose of chaos everywhere. This is why the first thing you need to do is to ensure that you have all your plans together and that you’re not in the way when things get intensely competitive. 

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Make a list beforehand

This ensures that you know what you want to get and you go get it. if you go without a list, you might come back with more than you budgeted for or worse, with stuff you don’t even need. Having a list will also help you decide exactly where to go and if you should rather make online purchases instead of going to a physical store. 

Just so you know, the stores expected to participate include Shoprite, Superbalist, CNA, and selected airlines (yes, Black Friday is for affordable travel too!). 

Make use of all your resources

Nowadays you literally have the entire world at your fingertips via your smart phone. Search for the deals that are relevant to you and make notes of them. The more you know about what will be on sale, for how long, and for how much, the more you can prepare to go get precisely what you’re gunning for. 

Another thing to keep in mind is how to make the most out of every single deal via shopping and spending benefits. Remember the points you get for shopping at outlets and from your bank as well so you don't let any cent go to waste in this tense economic climate. 

Where possible, go online

If you're not the type to wake up at six in the morning to queue and wait for a store to open, you might find online shopping more convenient for you. There are several online stores like Zando and Makro that are expected to participate so visit the sites early to know what deals you can score. According to BusinessTech.co.za, stores like Makro have already begun making arrangements for the big day, so we expect that there'll be less technical issues like site crashes

Relax, think clearly, don’t go overboard

There’s nothing that gives you starry eyes and palpitations quite like a good pair of shoes going for a good price, but it’s not cute when you’re four pairs in and your wallet is in critical condition. Don’t be carried away by the wave, but remember to spend wisely and not carelessly. 


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If you haven't started saving and budgeting for Black Friday, we suggest you start now to avoid missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime kind of sale. 

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