1. A fitted leather jacket: 

Not only is leather uber fashionable this season, but it’s a great way to add warmth to your favourite dress, short sleeve knit or strappy party top. 

If you don’t have one just yet, decide on a good basic colour and style that you will wear for years to come. 

A leather jacket is an investment piece, so don’t buy it on a whim. Make sure that’s the ideal shape and length.

This makes it much easier to wear with anything in your wardrobe.

2. Leggings: 

Leggings are a great to layer with a dress, short skirt, funky winter shorts or a short knit dress/top.  Be aware of the leggings under a baggy top look. 

It often makes women look bigger than they are.  Rather go for styles that are clenched in the waist and flair at the hem, balancing your curves.

Leggings are great to wear with funky pumps or fashion boots.  

3. Body warmer: 

This can be in the form of a sleeveless jersey, waistcoat, gele’ or peplum sleeveless jacket. 

Basically, you are looking for something that will give your body a little extra warmth and can easily be warn over thin or thicker layers depending on the chill. 

For extra longevity, select a style that can be worn under a jacket or coat for the really cold months.  

4. Something fur: 

Faux fur is super fashionable and oh so luxurious to wear. Select a fur scarf, shawl or little cropped jacket.  You’ll be surprised how much warmth and fun a fur item brings to your wardrobe.

Happy autumn dressing!

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What will be your go-to layering option this winter?