I'm often asked what it is that I love most about reading, and I'm almost never sure how to respond because; where on earth does one begin?

Do I start by waxing lyrical about the many fabulous characters I've gotten to meet over the years, or do I talk about the intricate, detailed and wondrously strange worlds that have kept me in its grasp and sent me on the most delightful and imaginative journeys through books and genres?

Truth is, combined with all the above mentioned factors, I think that the best thing about books is not just being able to read them, but to experience them.  And as one reader puts it, where else can you find the ultimate getaway experience for such a reasonable price?

We recently posed the same question to our readers. Here are their thoughts on it.

The sheer escapism and ability to ''picture'' the book.

@Violin_InA_Void: Getting so lost in a book that the world seems less real when I finally emerge from the one in the story.

@QueenKelso:  I love that no matter what, books and reading are always there to wipe tears or to envelope you when you just need a break.

@PowKMee:  I love the way I get lost when reading a book… The whole world falls away and I can have my own space in which anything can happen.

@_kerry_berry_: It takes me to another world – a world where great things happen and the ending is happy! I love getting to know characters and read about their feelings.

@thisisnessie: I love the escapism of reading. Becoming a new person in a new world uncovered by words – enthralling!

@Crusadorofchaos: The endless possibility each book holds. New worlds, new ideas and new ways of looking at them.

@teerdee:  I love that those characters are always there waiting for me to bring them to life again by turning the page.

@tracymeisie021: I love that reading creates a whole new world. Words transport & invent. Books provide us with friends, fantasy, fun and frivolity.

@naledikhumalo:  Being transported to different eras. Memoirs of a Geisha made me love with old world Japan; the art and skill of being a Geisha.

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What do you love most about reading? Share with us below.