So, after a star studded wedding, almost 6 years of marriage, and a beautiful little girl named Suri,TomKat are no more. Katie filed for divorce recently and is now seeking sole custody of the couple’s 6 year-old daughter and a “suitable amount” of child support.

We were surprised by the news. More so because we genuinely thought the couple were happy and in love. You guys apparently saw it coming. Well, most of you at least:

It’s a pity, they made such a cute couple!

Age does matter in the end. !!!!! (sic)

its no suprise, this is a norm with these Hollywood stars. (sic)

Mary Ann 
Pity it took sooo long for her to see married to a control freak was not all it made out to be. I pray little Suri is protected from the Scientologists. (sic)

Didnt expect it. (sic)

A typical ending to a typical Hollywood marriage. However I would not like to be Katie Holmes - she's going to have those scientology people watching her every move.

That's news to me – crazy.

He should never have left Nicole Kidman.

We shouldnt really make it our business. Celebrity or not, its sad and lives are shaken (sic)

So sad. Especially for little Suri!

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