Dating a Cancerian woman
Cancerian women aptly reflect the archetype of Mother. By nature she is very caring and nurturing, she is very caring and nurturing, with an abundance of love and kindness. It goes without saying that she is an excellent parent.

She is very house proud, since her home and family are the most important focal points in her life. She is an excellent cook and is at her happiest preparing meals for her family.

As a water sign she is sensitive, emotional and vulnerable and has a knack of bringing out other people’s protective side. Soft on the inside, she retreats from confrontation and is easily hurt and upset.

It may be days, weeks even, before she plucks up the courage to venture out of her shell again. She is such a wonderful caretaker that you may have to remind her from time to time that, as her partner, you are not one of her brood.

Encourage her to take art lessons, since she may neglect her creative side in favour of domestic duties.

Water plays a significant role in her life and you might have to wait your turn as she soaks in the tub. Don’t be alarmed if she gets a little crazy around full moon, she is only honouring her mysterious feminine side.

Dating a Cancerian man
Your Cancerian man is essentially a family man. Home and hearth is where his heart lies and much of motivation for being successful is to take care of his family. This he will do to the best of his ability, since he would like to make life as comfortable as possible for his clan.

Although he can be crabby at times, remember that he is very sensitive and equally emotional. Once you realise that there is a rhythm to his moods, you will know when to approach him and when to leave him alone.

He is an excellent father and spends as much time with his offspring as possible.

He is an ace storyteller and will play with the kids for hours on end. Family gatherings are just up his ally, he is not shy to roll up his sleeves and help with the duties.

The one person whom he has a special relationship with is his mother. Best to get into her good books as soon as possible.

Never criticise her or put him in a position of choice between the two of you, as you may end up getting the short end of the stick. He is also a very good at managing the family finances, especially saving for a rainy day. He tends to worry and so your re-assurance will mean much to him.

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