1.    Make sure you're comfortable in it.

This may seem obvious, but I learned this the hard way. See, I've got this cute corset which I bought three years ago, which has now found a permanent home in the bottom of my drawer. The problem isn't that I can't breathe in it – the fabric is stretchy and gives way, so that's sorted. My only niggle with this little lacy number is that it keeps shifting up, so the underwire cups keep creeping up towards my nipples and thus I'm forced to tug it back down every few minutes. 

There is nothing sexy about this.

Here are some tips to help you find the right fit.

2.    Suit your body

There are some designs that look fabulous on a Victoria's Secret model, but – let's face it – most of us don't have that kind of body structure.

·    If you're self-conscious about your tummy, add a girdle.
·    If you're uncomfortable exposing your thighs, think about adding a pair of stockings.
·    Pear shape? Avoid ruffles at the hips – they'll just draw the eye towards your lower body.
·    If thongs keep creeping between your butt cheeks, get a pair of boy shorts or briefs.
·    If all else fails, try a satin negligee or chemise. 

You won't feel irresistible if you're worrying about your flabby bits.

3.    Suit yourself

Don't buy body-revealing, skimpy undies because you think he'll like it. If you're not into lace or animal prints, leave it and get something in a solid hue. Leave the model-suited itsy bitsy underwear on the billboards and bring your best side to the bedroom

He's probably more interested in taking it off you than anything else, anyways. Also remember, he's not the one wearing it (unless you're into that sort of thing; in which case, go ahead…).

4.    Buy within your price range

I dream of owning something from La Perla or Agent Provocateur, but the truth is just looking at their prices makes my eyes water.  I can't justify spending thousands on a G-string and bra. Sure, I'm happy to splash money on a massage or weekend out of town, but a pair of panties? It's just not worth it.

Instead of busting your budget or swiping your credit card, save up for the items you want and buy quality you can enjoy.

5.    Set the mood… for shopping

If you're trying to squeeze this shopping trip into the 15 minutes before you have to pick up the kids and take them to the dentist then stop at the garage to get the ingredients for tonight's dinner before helping them with homework and… You get this train of thought, right?

Set time aside to make sure you really find something you like. If you're feeling stressed, tired or rushed, put it off for another day. The thrill starts when you first spot that lacy beauty in the store and imagine all the things you'll do while you're wearing it.