According to Rob Handfield-Jones of the AA you should make sure you have the following in your car at all times:

•    A notepad and pen: if you’re involved in an accident you will need to take down the other person’s details. Also, for insurance purposes it's very useful to take notes and make a sketch of the accident. Doing this on a grotty pizza box rather lessens the effect.

•    Tyre inflator can: this useful little gizmo is a short term solution if you get a puncture and you're unable (shame on you!) to change the tire.

•    Functioning jack and wheel spanner: check for this especially if you hire or borrow a car.

•    Tow rope: you'd be surprised how handy this can be.

•    First aid kit: especially if you drive a family car. Make sure you have bandages, salves, water etc.

What do you keep in your car? Can you change a tyre? Share your tips and comments in the box below