If there was one place you absolutely have to visit in your lifetime, where would it be? We asked our Facebook fans what’s on their travel bucket list before they, well, depart.

Here’s what these big dreamers had to say:

Ayanda: I want to sing. [I also want to] marry my white man and I want to migrate to Australia and travel around the world. I want to see my father figure so that I can say thank you to him in person for being there for me. Publish my book and have my own company that deals with the human factor.

Brenda: I would like to take a family vacation around the world with my kids and husband without worrying about the financial aspect of it.

Boat cruise or hot air balloon. Would love to visit Rome, New York and London  also write a story.

Camilla:  A bucket list of so much - mainly tastings. Weeks in the South of France, Italy, most of Europe, exploring and tasting a host of foods. Go to America for the large than life experiences. The UK, parts of Asia AND exploring Africa.

Colette: I'd like to visit the Vatican's vaulted library.

Travel the world, bungee jump, learn how to swim and skydive.

I would love to go to Greece.

I want to see my daughter graduate, travel to Australia, New Zealand n Miami and own a Land.

Have the wedding of my dreams.

Kenalemang:  Be content with myself, buying a plot or farm with space (4 hectares), travel the world and visit all those place I have dreamed of as a child e.g. Disney etc. And see my daughter graduate and  be successful.

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