If you’re well into your 20s and single like me, then you’ve probably worried wondered if perhaps there is something wrong with you.

But, fear not, my fellow flirties... While finding a man and settling down may not be on the cards right now, it probably will eventually come.

So, until then, just relax enjoy it!

Here’s why:

1.    You can make your own decisions

Those of you with married friends – particularly those who have kids – will know how difficult organising a get-together with them can be.

Getting the nod of approval from a spouse or finding a ‘sitter can be complicated, eh!

Thank your lucky stars you do not have these concerns yet. Right now, you can do anything and go anywhere you want, anytime you please.

2.    You can spend at will

Once you have a family, you also have added responsibilities.

When you are single, however, your money is your own and how you ‘waste’ it will only affect you.

3.    You can find your own identity

Women often define themselves as ‘wife’ or ‘mother’ once they are put in those specific roles.  And sadly, many will – as a consequence - lose their opportunity to discover what more they can be.

Take this time in your life to learn more about your likes, dislikes, your dreams and aspirations.

4.    You can climb the corporate ladder

If your job is important to you, make this your time to shine and develop it. Chances are that once you have children and a partner to consider, doing things like working late, moving away or switching careers is often out of the question.

5.    You can travel

Not only is it cheaper and easier to arrange spontaneous weekend jaunts and overseas trips if you’re alone, but it’s also more fun – seriously!

Can you think of any more reasons to enjoy single life? Or, if you’re married or have kids, tell us what you miss most about the time when you did have your own independence.

The best thing about being single is that...