Do you find yourself constantly dating the wrong guy? Do your friends comment that you don't seem to be able to pick a decent partner? You need to break that cycle.

When faced with a potential partner, ask yourself:

Is this someone who can help you grow, or someone to whom you'll have to adjust continually, with lots of hard work?

Many singles openly admit that it initially feels better to be in any relationship than in no relationship at all. As a result, they aren't discerning enough, and aren't prepared to wait long enough to match up with someone who's right for them.

Remember, you can't change other people – you can only control your own behaviour. So you need to choose someone who fits well with you – not someone you think you need to change.

Choosing someone with whom you feel comfortable as he is now will help you end up in a longer-term, healthier and happier relationship.

What are key things to look for when making a commitment? Add your tips below.