1. He is jealous and/or possessive toward you.
At the beginning of a relationship, it is often mistaken as protectiveness or as a sign of love. Remember, though, jealousy has absolutely nothing to do with his feelings for you. Instead, it is a mark - a warning - of mistrust which has the potential to morph into possessiveness and him controlling your every move.

Already the case? Marriage definitely won’t make things better

2. He is mean and uncaring.
Go back and read the signs we gave you to help determine whether you’re in a healthy relationship or not. Any of the points resonate with you? 

If, ordinarily, he is an unlikable person who has difficulty showing affection, lacks respect, can’t socialise,  and only EVER criticises you, then what makes you think that tying the knot will change any of it?

3. He is humourless.
And dull. And tiresome. And monotonous. And unexciting. And, well, just plain ol’ boring...

A man who cannot make you laugh, who doesn’t share – or at least, support – your passions, who you find difficult to communicate with, who is the last person you want to spend your free time with, is undoubtedly a man you should NOT commit to.

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The worst trait is...