1. Give each other space.

Support your partner’s need for freedom and independence. And vice versa.  Women in healthy relationships don’t feel the need to watch or control their significant other’s every move and they understand the importance of, say, spending time with just the guys. Trust - and confidence in the power of your union - is key.

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2. Be his friend.

It’s cliché, I know. But the truth is that the happiest couples are those who are pals too.

    * ·         They laugh together.
    * ·         They share secrets.
    * ·         They have a similar outlook on life.

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3. Communicate. Properly.

Be open about your wants, needs, desires, opinions and emotions. And if you disagree about something, don’t keep your mouth shut to save the peace or rant unnecessarily to prove your point.

Remember, instead:

    * ·         To listen first,
    * ·         To respect a difference in belief,
    * ·         To stay focused and on topic,
    * ·         To compromise; and
    * ·         To use the word “I” instead of “You”.

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4. Show genuine interest.

Ask questions, pay attention, notice (positive) change, show curiosity and engage in regular conversation.

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5. Demonstrate your love.

I’m referring to everything from saying “I love you” and “thank you” more often; to being more thoughtful, holding hands, cuddling at night and kissing in the morning. 

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What more can be done to ensure happiness?

Relationships are: