The Daily Mail posted the heart-warming video and story of Jason Mortensen. He woke up after surgery and was still very woozy when he started complimenting the beautiful woman next to his bed without realising that said woman was his wife.

Normally I would say he was acting a bit familiar with a “strange” woman, but because he was totally out of it and because the woman was actually his wife he gets away with it.

It reminded me of a similar joke that always warms the cockles of my heart. It’s about a guy who goes out drinking with his friends. His wife asks him not to come home too late. But too many tequilas later he forgets about his promise and arrives home at 3, knocking lamps over, peeing on the floor and passing out fully clothed.

The next morning his wife is nowhere to be seen and the very hungover man is lying in bed planning his apology. While deciding whether to buy her flowers or take her out to dinner, or both, she enters the room with a tray laden with eggs, bacon, buttered toast, freshly squeezed orange juice and Disprins for his sore head.

Completely baffled the man asks his wife what is going on.

“Well,” she said. “Last night when you passed out on the bed I tried to take off your shoes and you kept on swatting me away saying: ‘Leave me alone! I’m married!’”

Watch the cute video here:

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