Most of us have heard about 50 shades of Grey and the craze going around it.  

I have read 2 of the 3 books and although I have to agree that the writing and storyline is not all that sophisticated, the hot scenes and passion is enough to make any women go crazy.

The only problem with that, I have discovered, is that the man in my life did not read the book as well, and are not on “ the same page" as I am. I have all these fantasies and expectations, and hubby has no idea what I really really want.
Not that I want to be chained down or dominated, but a little more spunk and more regular sex would not hurt at all.

I want to feel wanted. Although I am a mother of a 5 year old and a 7 month old baby, I am a 33 year old women who looks after herself, and is more than "just a mom".
So, in my quest to feel more "wanted", I started going to the gym and reached my goal weight. I am 1.6 meter tall and now weigh 54 kg.

I regularly colour my dark roots to blend in with the rest of my blonde hair, I put on makeup every day and bath or shower at least 2 times (sometimes more) a day. Not to mention the extra “grooming” of my bikini line, kegel-exercises and sexy lingerie. It just seems to be not enough.
So I stumbled upon this magic product recently. It is called Sensual Love Spell (a Pheromone Body Serum) by Nutri Women for women.  I google searched the word pheromones and discovered that it acts as an aphrodisiac (a substance that increases sexual desire).
It is a small black roll-on the size of a lipstick.  The liquid smells very discreet, soft and familiar.  I decided to test it out on my husband, without telling him about it. 

After I bathed, (before bed time), I roll a little on behind my ears, under my chin, in my neck and a little on my wrists.  
The result...

A-freaking-mazing! I am not sure how it works, because I can hardly smell it, but when I am wearing it, I am turned on within one minute.  Not to mention the effect it has on my husband! 

I went back to the shop and bought 3 more bottles of magic.  I am not sure that it works because I feel more sexy and confident, or if it really is the pheromones making him more attracted to me, but I love it! 

I believe in honestly, openness and transparency in a relationship, but this little black roll on is my secret!  
One of my girl friends are single and dating and I also shared the magic by giving her a bottle to test out this weekend when she is going on a date.  I am excited and cannot wait for the results.  

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