We’ve already given you the secrets to instantly arouse him. Now, take it a step further and stimulate his hottest sexual fantasies.

Here’s how:

Speak up & compliment him

In bed, play coy (they love it!), flirt, talk dirty and tell him exactly how and where you like it to be done. The thing is, some guys are actually insecure when it comes to sex and their performance, so advising him and then most importantly, praising him when he gets it right, will always go down a treat!  

Experiment and show your fun side

Let go of all your inhibitions and try (or better yet, suggest) a new or risqué sex position in, perhaps, a different location. Think adventure… Think thrill… And I guarantee you, he will melt! Too out there for you? No problem.  Get in touch with your gentler wild side and propose that you watch a bit of porn together.

Be confident about your body

It's hard to BE sexy if you don’t FEEL sexy. Boost your self-esteem and eradicate downbeat emotions by dressing in clothes that make you look good. Find lingerie to flaunt your shape and then wear it with poise and absolute surety.  If you feel a little conscious at first, simply close your eyes and bask in the knowledge that you’re fulfilling his every desire.

What drives you/your man crazy? Share the love - and your kinky secrets - below.