The DeLight
Rating: 5/5
This little gem takes the least amount of effort to use while you’re lying on your back. It has a variety of vibration settings and working your way up to the last setting will have you panting. No really. You get to explore 8 movements PLUS 3 pulsating speeds. How could this not be happy-making?

Dorothy does warn, though, that it takes some time to get used to all those  speed controls are under the thumb. But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?  Read the entire DeLight review here.

The Gipsy
Rating: 5/5
Unlike the DeLight, the Gipsy is shaped more like a penis. As Dorothy wrote: “The curve is perfect, the grip is solid, the controls are sensitive and easy to manipulate”. And it’s great for clit and external stimulation.

Unfortunately, the Gipsy is louder than most vibes because of the motor and it’s battery-charged (so stock up – there’s nothing worse than your batteries dying just as you’re heading towards your climax). See what else Dorothy wrote about The Gipsy here.

The Bcurious
Rating: 5/5
This beautifully designed toy is light and rechargeable, and fits perfectly into your hand. The controls are easy to find and use and they light up spontaneously.

While the Bcurious is a nice entry-level vibe, it has a limited variety of vibe settings. If you’re looking for penetration, try another toy. This one is all about clitoral stimulation. See the detailed review about the Bcurious.

The We-Vibe II
Rating: 4/5
If you’re looking for a session of intimate giggles and wiggles, the We-Vibe is the toy for you. It is also very handy if your man is on the small side, as it will add some pressure in places his penis can’t get to.

The downside? Well, the We-Vibe feels cheap and if you are using lube the settings do not work so well. Lastly, it makes a buzzing noise which can be distracting. Dorothy Black has much more to say about this vibrator. Best you read her review before you head to the stores.

The We-Vibe Touch
Rating: 4/5
The Touch is a discreet, rechargeable and waterproof vibe. With 8 vibe settings, there’s very little to complain about. It’s also fun because it lights up according to pulse and vibration. Oh, and because it’s so small, you can use it during sex or with other toys.

The cons: It is not very easy to manoeuvre and operate the controls of the Touch comfortably between your labia due to its shape. Read the rest of Dorothy Black’s review here.

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