Laugh more
“You don't stop laughing because you're old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” I'm not sure who those wise words belong to, but it’s spot on! Not only does a hearty chuckle relieve stress and tension, but numerous studies also suggest that having a sense of humour can dramatically enhance the quality of your life in later years.

Struggle to find enjoyment in your life? Take a look at these tried and tested tricks, guaranteed to make you happy!

Activate your muscles
Exercise for improved health? It’s a no-brainer. The benefits of getting active are vast, but so few of us are engaging in it and it’s a shame, really, because you don't even have to have a gym membership to get started. 

Implement fitness into even the busiest schedule by opting to take the stairs instead of the lift or by doing sit-ups during a TV ad break. For more workout tips, click here. You’ll thank us later!

Protect your skin
Be sun-wise. Invest in your youth and wear sunscreen all year round to prevent skin cancer and to delay wrinkles and other signs of aging. Remember that you’re never too young – or too far along – to start caring for your skin.

Check out our beauty section or speak to one of our specialised skin experts and pioneer a daily regimen that works for you, today!

Love yourself
As women, we’re engineered to care for and look after everyone around us. But what good are we actually doing if our own needs are not taken care of first?

Nurturing your body and mind is probably one of the best and most fulfilling investments you can do for yourself. Take a moment and consider the following: How do you feel about yourself? Are you happy? How can you improve your self-image and boost your confidence?

Work on your anger
Experiencing negative emotions from time to time is okay. It’s even normal and healthy. How you deal with your anger, rage, tensions and frustrations, however, is what’s important.

Rule number one? Never suppress your anger. Learning to vent without judgment will do you – and the situation – a world of good. Read this guide for more tips on taming a temper.

Have sex
It makes you happy. The endorphins produced during sexual intercourse will elevate your mood and energise your soul, which in turn, improves your body’s immunity.

A birdie once told me that it’s quite easy to recognise a sexually charged and healthy woman – her skin radiates youth. Make this you. For inspiration, visit our sex section and if need be, speak to an expert. Or, if you’re single and in need of some back-up, eat a piece of chocolate. The darker, the better. Why? Chocolate contains cacao liquor polyphenol which perks up your immune system!

Love what you do
Or at least make the most of it. Working in a healthy environment is important, even if it means moving jobs or changing careers.

While money is essential, a pay cheque should NEVER be the deciding factor.

Eat well
As you age, your dietary requirements alter. Foods that you were able to eat in your 20s, may not work the same for your body in your 30s, 40s or 50s.

Retain your youth by eating more nuts in your 30s, more beta-carotene in your 40s and more calcium in your 50s. Or, browse through our diet section and get a better idea for what you could and should be doing, food wise.

Talk to your family
"Knowing your family's medical history can save your life," reports a recent article. There's a reason why doctors ask you to fill in that section of their forms. Genetics play a major role in your susceptibility to some diseases and disorders.

Chat to your parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents to find out who might have suffered from common genetic diseases and disorders. It may not help you immediately, but it is important knowledge that who knows, could even save your life!

Just chill out!
We all get stressed out by the daily demands of our life – work, family pressure, raising children and even traffic are just a few of the causes. A study in California suggests that de-stressing could help you live longer since it elongates your telomeres (a unit of DNA that protects the gene and helps determine the lifespan of your body's cells).

Try yoga, meditation, journaling and exercising to help you de-stress. Find out your life expectancy with this nifty little tool!

Can you add to these steps? What's the secret to a happy and healthy life? Share your thoughts below.