Hi everyone

There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment, as always, I guess, but I’m really not in the mood to talk about it. I don’t know about you, but we’re convinced here at Women24 that Novemberitis has come early.

So what do you say if today we don’t talk about:

The census (whites still earn six times more than blacks)

The hurricane in New York (the end is nigh!)

That Russia is turning evil again (anti-gay rights, no freedom of speech)

Or that Disney has bought the Star Wars franchise (may the Force be with us all).

Instead, I have gone and rounded up a whole bunch of beautiful stories for you that’ll make you smile and restore your faith in humanity.

Here you go:

A missing boy’s life was saved by a litter of puppies. The young ones, all of them lost in the woods, snuggled up together – thereby surviving the night. When Mother Dog went looking for her babies, she led the search party straight to their human cub.

16-year-old Chy Johnson was tormented by school bullies. She went home crying every day because the other kids made her already difficult life hell. That is, until Carson Jones, the star quarterback and his football team started hanging out with her over lunchtime and watching her back. Now no one messes with her.

Check out the lovely, heart-warming slideshow sister Grace and brother Josh, who has Down syndrome, made for awareness of the condition.

Father and son team saves 120 flood victims in 12 hours of uninterrupted rescuing. And while you’re at it, check out the heroes that have already surfaced during Hurricane Sandy.

This experiment
in the UK suggests that people are born fair. Little kids as young as 3 rewarded puppets according to their merits.

And check out our own Oscar Pistorius running with 5-year-old Ellie.

Phew. I feel better now.

But let’s spread the joy. Send us feel good stories from your lives and win a t-shirt. We need to tell each other happy stuff too. So come on. Send.

Love and hugs

Because I really think we need it, don’t you?