Lili wrote a column recently which asked this question:

If you could afford to have any beauty-enhancing procedure done, would you? Here are some of the responses:

The effects of gravity

YES! I definitely would.

I'd reverse the effects that three pairs of precious hands grabbing, pulling, pushing and sucking have had on my boobs thank you very much.

I don't care who you are, there is one thing no woman escapes and it's the effect that our nemesis, gravity, has on our touchables.

I've spent many hours wishing that I could have breastfed them with my breasts encased completely in some sort of material that will keep them perky with only the nipples sticking out of a small hole in the front of the contraption.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Obsessing about our appearance

I think we are all just so conflicted about the whole thing.

I am in my mid 50's, and although I look good for my age, I still look a whole lot older than the mental picture I have of myself. Trust me, in our minds, most remain (very) young.

So what to do? Much as I would love to tighten and lift the slowly melting ice cream that is my face, every feminist and sensible, sane bone in my body protests against unnecessary surgery of the sake of vanity!

It also disturbs me that we, as women, seem to be focusing on the shallow stuff more and more, in the process getting less and less liberated.

How will we ever make the world a better place when so much of our energy is spent obsessing about our looks?

Horrified by it all

I think it’s abnormal and horrendous what some women will do to their bodies.

There are certain people that need certain procedures, this I get. I have been a very large breasted woman my whole life, going back to as young as 13.

I would love nothing better than to have a breast reduction and wear tight T-Shirts, but the reality of the situation is that first off I could never AFFORD to have this procedure done, and secondly I live in the real world, and have just learnt to deal with my issues and camouflage it to the best of my ability.

What is extremely frightening are these 50, 60 and 70 year olds that walk around with perkier boobs, tighter buttocks, and less wrinkles than some younger women. It’s frightening when these women look back at you from your TV screen and their faces cannot move to expressions, blink with fright or react naturally.

I wonder if these people realise the long term affects of plastic surgery. The reality of cosmetic surgery is the lifelong implications this can have on your body.

I have learnt to live with and accept my imperfections, but I will admit that if I had the money I would definitely go for a breast reduction operation, but not for vanity reasons.

I would do this to be more comfortable when I run, sleep, walk and swim, I would do it so that I did not have continuous back ache and I would do it so that I could also wear comfortable t-shirts instead of large, oversized clothes to hide my breasts.

And Lili, I agree with you –  “I AINT BLEACHING NOTHING EITHER”.

Not buying into the whole marketing gimmick anymore

My earliest memory involving cosmetics was when I was six years old. I'd been trying out my Mother's make-up - putting a bit of everything on.  After washing my clown face off my Mother sat me down and told me that I didn't need make-up to look pretty.
Sadly I never listened. 23 years later and I cannot leave the house without my mask:  foundation, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, lipstick and lipgloss.

My hair has been dyed and highlighted so many times - I don't remember what its natural colour actually is. I've tried self tanning and landed up with orange stripes. I've gone for a spray tan and after a few days ended up with blotchy skin and odd looks from people.

There isn't a push up or padded bra I haven't tried.  I've dieted and I've even stood and wobbled on those passive slimmer machines hoping to shift cellulite. I've used so many eye creams, skin serums, moisturisers and other miracle products promising to defy aging and give me radiant skin.

And the result of all of this? Is it a super toned, tanned, busty lady with perfect hair and a flawless complexion? Hell no.

It is a lady who keeps throwing money and hope into greedy marketer’s pockets.

A grown up who is no smarter than the naïve six year old who thought putting on a vast amount of make-up would make her pretty.

Well enough is enough. I'm tired of believing all the latest advertising and buying into the hype of the latest shampoo / body lotion / teeth whitening product.

All these products promise us results and happiness because it has become ingrained in us that the celebrities who advertise the latest must-haves are happy. Well, happiness comes from within. Throw out the latest fads along with the empty promises.

You may not be photoshop flawless but at least you are real and you can't put a price to that.

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If money wasn't an issue, would you consider undergoing cosmetic surgery? Share your thoughts below.