Choose the correct colour

Avoid using any colour just because it goes with your outfit. The blues are great for making the white part of your eye appear even whiter. Deep and rich colours like maroon are great for enhancing brown and hazelnut eyes. Keep electrifying colours like hot pinks for concerts and festivals and reserve the blues for everyday wear.

Know what it is you want to achieve and pick the perfect colour.

Start with just the tips

For those who haven’t fully adapted to the idea of full on coloured eyelashes, try sweeping it just on the tips. The colour will be slightly visible, but at the same time not overwhelming. Repeat this until you’re comfortable to go all the way in with full coloured lashes.

Match it with your eyeliner

A matching eyeliner is the perfect piece to complete the puzzle. It blends the whole thing together giving you a lavish look.

Keep other areas bare

If you intend to use this on a daily basis, you should keep other areas of your face at a bare minimum. Use less foundation or a BB cream. Apply a clear lipgloss and you’re good to go.

Use the right technique

Applying mascara in general can be quite tricky especially for newbies. Hold the corner of your eyelid as though you’re stretching it. Then take your mascara wand and apply it vertically on the lash line using zig zag movement for more volume.