It’s all in the prep

·      We can’t stress this enough – you must apply a primer.

·      The hot temperature isn’t good for the skin so you’ll need to apply products that’ll hydrate and plump up your skin.

·      After moisturising follow with primer and sunscreen, preferably a mist as opposed to the crème formula.


Choose the right products

·      Avoid full coverage foundations. Opt for light to medium coverage, foundation sticks, mousses, or BB creams.

·      Use waterproof mascara. The non-waterproof version might melt during the day and you don’t want to risk having black traces of mascara on your cheeks.

·      Instead of piling your face with powder throughout the day, invest in blotting paper to avoid looking cakey.

·      Skip the shimmer as this, combined with liquid foundation, will result in an oily and shiny face.

·      Any oil-based products including crayon eyeliners are most likely to smudge. Lean towards gel or liquid liners.

In summer, less is definitely is more, so don’t be heavy handed with your application. Your face will thank you for it.