Joburg Leadership and Executive coach Zanele Nkosi shares eight steps you can take to become more productive at work. 

1. Don't procrastinate

If you tend to put off tasks until just before they’re due or make your deadlines by the skin of your teeth, then it’s time to change your ways. Spend at least five to 10 minutes every day ordering your tasks in order

of importance.

2. Manage your time

Use one calendar or electronic device to keep track of your appointments so you don’t double-book yourself or miss an important assignment. It’s also useful to review your calendar for tasks, appointments and meetings that require preparation.

3. Plan your day

If you are at work for eight hours a day, work with a six-hour daily plan, knowing that there may be unexpected tasks you will need to schedule. The extra two hours are to accommodate unexpected crises or interventions.

4. Prioritise 

Make a to-do list in order of priority when you get to work every day after you’ve consulted your calendar. Try not to get sidetracked by tasks that are easier or may not be that crucial.

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5. Deal with your correspondence 

Respond to your e-mails timeously and efficiently. Once you’ve opened correspondence, reply, then archive it if need be or flag it if it needs to be followed up. Create e-mail folders to file correspondence so that you can track the communication at a later date. Decide how often you need to check your e-mail inbox throughout the day and be disciplined about sticking to those times.

6. Ditch the clutter

You can’t be efficient if your office or your desk is a mess. Clear your workspace, order your stationery drawer and organise your filing system and bookshelves.

7. Use space effectively 

Keep files, information or items you use most frequently within arm’s reach and move furniture or equipment so you can easily get to what you need.

8. Set yourself up to WIN

Do one thing that you consider as an accomplishment first thing in the morning. Meditate, go for a walk(do some exercise), take time to drink your coffee or eat your breakfast at a leisurely pace, power pose, anything that feels like a win for you and sets you up as having accomplished something before you walk out of your front door to meet your daily demands.