Choose the right moment

What ever you do don’t start that conversation with a random ‘what are we’ or ‘we need to talk’  because you’ll catch him off guard. Make sure it’s the right moment to bring it up. Before getting deep into the issue, first assure him that he should feel free to be honest. You don’t wan’t him lying just because you pressured him to give you an answer.

Know what you want

Are you after a committed relationship or just a fling? This will help you to disagree with anything you don’t want. Make your intentions clear from the beginning  and don’t get lured into something you don’t want.

Don’t be emotional

The saying ‘always leave room for disappointment’ will get you through this dreaded conversation. Sometimes things don’t go according to your plans and that’s the beauty of life. All you can do is move on. So if his response isn’t what you expected, don’t beat yourself about it, you’ll meet another guy.

Ask open-ended question

To encourage a dialogue ask questions that’ll give you an insight of his mindset. Ask questions like ‘how do you envision us as a couple’? Allow him to answer as honest as he can without judging.

Take it all in

Whether his response was in your favour or not take a moment to digest the news. On the one hand you could be disappointed that you’re not the couple you thought you were. And on the other, you could be excited that this is the beginning of a new relationship for you.