We’re self-conscious

Worrying about your imperfections should be furthest from your mind, because – and ask any REAL man – when it comes to sex, your cellulite is definitely at the bottom of his list of concerns.  Apart from spoiling the general mood and aura of lovemaking, fretting about your looks also distracts you from getting pleasure from the experience.

Learn to let go of your inhibitions, shyness and hang-ups with these confidence boosting tips.

We’re creatures of habit

‘Variety is the spice of life.’ It’s an old, but dreadfully true cliché – particularly in the bedroom. Before taking them personally and/or as an attack, consider his sexual proposals. Discovering new things (and maybe new territories) could be fun – or at least a learning curve to discovering more about your partner intimately. And vice versa.

Forget monotony. Try these feisty sex positions TONIGHT!

We’re doormats

You are pokerfaced: You just lie there, without participating. You are never in the mood. You make sex seem like a chore. And so on. And so on. I get shivers just thinking about it, but I know (and so do you!) that it happens – especially in long-term relationships.

Stop with the excuses. Make sex fun again with these easy tricks!

We’re scared of giving oral

...and/or of receiving it. *shudders*  Do you know what you’re missing out on?! If done right, cunnilingus – or make that any clitoral stimulation – can be the difference between you having good sex and you having mind-blowing GREAT sex.

Not sure where to start or how to lead? Practice these blowjob tips on him and get the ‘favour’ returned by passing this cunnilingus guide his way.

Can you think of any other sex mistakes? Help us avoid it - Share them in the box below.

For me, sex is...