The Nightmarket by Jonathan Moore (first published in 2018 by Orion)

Ross Carver has been working homicide a long time, and there’s not much in the way of dead bodies that can surprise him. 

Yet when he and his partner Jenner are called to an upmarket neighbourhood to investigate a death, he’s got to chalk it up as a first.

The body, in a severe state of apparent decomposition despite its very recent status as deceased, is unlike anything the pair have seen before. 

However, before they can get a better look or work out exactly what had happened, their case is usurped by the FBI, and they are swiftly ushered from the scene. 

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 Three days later, Carver wakes up in bed and spots his neighbour Mia at his bedside, reading. He has no idea what she’s doing there, nor any memory of the strange case of the last corpse that he witnessed. 

 As he seeks to understand what occurred in his absence from consciousness, and exactly why the various explanations to his and Jenner’s investigations don’t add up, Carver realizes that he may have stumbled into a conspiracy, which has global implications and can all be traced back to Mia.

Night Market is a macabre feast of thrills from start to finish. The story uncoils itself with a satisfying unpredictability and refreshing take on the traditional whodunit – a noir style investigation set in a somewhat distant future, it deserves every bit of praise I can give it. 

A careful mixture of science, conspiracy, and good old murder make Night Market both addictive and dark, making it near impossible to put down or forget. 

Jonathan Moore is a gifted wordsmith, who’ll have you devouring his every word from the first page, eager to uncover a brilliant plot with vivid characters in earnest search of the truth in a world submerged in crime and mistrust. 

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Forget about the other books you’d like to read for a moment and pick this up. You’ll be glad you did.

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