There was a time where black women did a lot of biographical stories and now, they’ve shifted. “Timing is everything, there was a time I knew everyone’s face, now I have to google them to know who they are and that tells me there has been great change and opportunity made available,” she says speaking to AP News.

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“I’ve just kept my head down and continued to work, continued to just try and find things that are of interest to me. I’ve just been very blessed to have an opportunity to work with people for that word to travel. With so many outlets and possibilities, there has been an opportunity for more and more inclusivity.”

When it comes to gym and keeping her body in shape and healthy, Angela puts in her share of effort.

“I don’t particularly love working out, but I know that it is important for me and I also have been told by doctors that my body type, my make-up and genetics love fitness,” she says.

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She is involved in an initiative with the American Diabetics Association and the American Heart Association.

“It seemed like a natural fit and very organic. A way to honour and pay tribute to my mother and to use my platform to get that message out, to get awareness out  there, to provide resources and information," says Angela who lost her mother due to heart problems related to diabetes.

It was very important, powerful and ground-breaking that these two organisations have joined forces to combat this situation.” 

Compiled Futhi Masilela

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