The world's smallest Airbnb has opened its doors and guests can stay for just £8 (about R140) a night.

Miniatur Wunderland, a miniature exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, is allowing people to book a holiday in the unique house for the first time, cashing in at under £10 (R180) a night.

However, this comes with a little bit of a catch – you have to be the size of a miniature model to fit through the three-centimetre doorway.

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The “home” comes complete with a postage-stamp sized bed, thumbnail-sized sofa, paperclip-sized rocking horse and a four-centimetre Christmas tree for the festive period.

In total it’s the size of a small lunchbox so it is unlikely members of the public will actually be able to fit into the property.

But this hasn’t kept people from booking a night at the miniature luxury Airbnb.