How many times have you found yourself asking your significant other to take out the trash or get started with the dishes?

Chances are one of you is going to be the more conscientious one - the tidier one or the one who remembers that the milk or bread need replenishing.

Personally, after moving in with my partner of two years, I found out the hard way that I would need a whole lot of patience, a little bit of persistence and an occasional glass of wine for moral support, to get him to help.

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It was always a struggle.

If only I had read about this cute trick a 'sick and tired wife' decided to play on her 'couch potato husband', sooner.

According to Honey, the woman took to a Facebook group to post about her elaborate scheme to get back at her husband who did nothing to help her while she performed a bunch of tiring tasks.

"OMG [sic] my hubby has been lying on the couch all morning while I'm doing soooo much stuff so I finally got annoyed and sent him to the grocery store...with a special shopping list"

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The woman finished off her hilarious post by saying that she had turned her "ringer off". 

But what exactly was on this "special shopping list"?

The woman cleverly placed items she knew her hubby would never find, such as three percent milk, seedless strawberries and diet diet coke among other fictional grocery items that she knew would have her poor hubby's head spinning.

Read the full post below.

Facebook users were left in stitches with everyone recounting similar pranks that they had played on their partners. Others mentioned how they were about to play the same trick on their partners in future.

"OMG I'm doing this to my husband next time he upsets me" one of the Facebook users commented. While another commented "I'll be doing this soon because all mine does is sit and watch tv when he is not at work, can't wait". [sic]

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So what do you guys think? Good way to get your not so handy partner to help you a little more around the house - yes, no, maybe?

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