Free State reader responded on the SMS line: “Is this woman sane? She encourages this behaviour because of failures in her life. It’s disgraceful to read what she says as a sex educator. Sies!”

This is Zwane’s response:

I neither judge nor justify people’s relationship choices. My columns are about educating people on their options. What I say is not law. People have a right to know the different types of relationships available to them, and what is required to make them work. Monogamous relationships have been set as the ideal, but they are not designed for everyone.

Sex positivity is not about being promiscuous. It’s rather an attitude that promotes and embraces sexuality and sexual expression, with an emphasis on safe and consensual sex. South Africa is a conservative country, and often talking about sex or alternative types of relationships is taboo. This is not helping anybody.

Sex positivity includes comprehensive sex education for all. That is my intention – to educate and empower. And just like the movement, I have no moral distinction and I regard people’s choices as a personal preference.

When it comes to sex, one size does not fit all. Sometimes, for some people, experimentation is necessary to enjoy a healthy and pleasurable sex life.

I encourage this because we’re not all made from the same cloth.

With my education, I intend to be inclusive of all sex and sexuality. We cannot ignore these relationships when it is the custom in some of our tribe’s cultures. It’s important that everyone receives an education and not to limit this to conservative human sexuality.

One shouldn’t judge people based solely on their sexual choices. What you think of as moral might not be moral to others. Allowing other people the freedom to choose what works best for them will foster healthier relationships and a healthier society.


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